Montessori Model of Care

The vision of East Grampians Health Service is to be leaders in rural health. The Service recognised the need to ensure quality of life for those living in aged care and in 2015 adopted the Montessori Model of Care as a way of delivering this person centred approach. The implementation began with the assistance of Montessori Ageing Support Services (a division of Montessori Australia).

The Model has been implemented at our residential aged care home 70 Lowe Street, with other sites, Garden View Court Hostel and Parkland House to follow.

“Everyone who is engaged in long, pleasant and interesting activities that have meaning to them, function better, are calmer and happier.  Our elderly are no different. They are capable. They are useful. They can contribute. They have a place and a voice.” (Montessori Australia)

The Montessori Method

“Montessori for Dementia focuses on supporting both the person and the environment which is adapted to support memory loss and independence. We are unable to change the effects of dementia but by embracing Montessori principles and implementing environmental adaption’s including meaningful activities, roles and environmental cuing, we can circumvent the dementia. The result is that people living with dementia are able to make meaningful contributions to their community, engage in activities in addition to having the opportunity to maintain and even restore function. The approach is flexible, innovative and grounded in research”


Montessori is not just exclusive to people living with cognitive impairment, all residents regardless of diagnosis or disability will benefit from this as it focuses on their capabilities and abilities. This ensures every resident’s activities are person centred and a “personal prescription” for their needs, likes and abilities. It also provides opportunities for engagement for residents, family and staff with the goal of enhancing and improving quality of life