Staff Orientation

Welcome to East Grampians Health Service! 

As part of your orientation to the health service, all new staff will attend a 1-day face-to-face session that incorporates an orientation to the organisation.  This will be planned in consultation with the Human Resources department.

In addition to this, new staff are also required to view a series of recordings that will provide an introduction to safe practices within the health service.

All recordings are required to be viewed prior to commencing your first day at East Grampians Health Service.

There are nine recordings in total (se next column for topics and duration). Once you start, please continue using the same device – if you have to stop and continue later, the website will remember your device and your position. If you use a different device, the recordings will reset back to the start.

Total length of all recordings is just over 2.5hrs. You will not be able to fast forward or scrub ahead – all recordings must be viewed in their entirety. Once Recording 1 has finished, Recording 2 will appear, and so on.

Once you have viewed each of these recordings, you will be required to submit a form with your name and title – the education department will then be directly notified that you have achieved this aspect of your orientation.

NOTE: Please only view recordings through the website.

Recording topics and duration

1. Embracing Your Diversity (6:19)

2. Montessori Model of Care (13:56)

3. Quality Improvement and Risk Management (15:16)

4. AccessPay – Salary Packaging Explained (2:35)

5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Insight (40:38)

6. The Rights of Young People in Healthcare (3:44)

7. The Rights of Every Child in Healthcare (3:28)