About Us


East Grampians Health Service is based in Ararat and Willaura and takes its name from the magnificent mountain range that provides a backdrop to both townships.

Formed in 1995 by the merger of the Ararat and District Hospital, the Willaura and District Hospital and John Pickford House, East Grampians Health Service (EGHS) is committed to providing quality care and services that meet the needs of the community, whilst continuously striving for improvement and aiming to lead the way in provision of health related services.

Our Vision

East Grampians Health Service will improve the health, wellbeing and the quality of life for our community.

Our Purpose

To meet people’s health needs through leadership, strong partnerships & wise use of resources.

Our Values

We value integrity, honesty and respect in all relationships.

We value excellence as the appropriate standard for all services and practices.

Community Focus
We respect the dignity and rights of our community and acknowledge their beliefs, regardless of their cultural, spiritual or socioeconomic background.

Working together
We value equally all people who make a contribution to EGHS to achieve shared goals.

Learning Culture
We strive to continually learn and develop through education, training, mentoring and by teaching others.

Terms of Trade

 Further information on our Terms of Trade can be found in this download.

Consumer Experience

EGHS Consumer Experience Statement – INFO130

East Grampians Health Service is committed to working together to improve health outcomes for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our community.

EGHS is a member of Western Alliance:  evidence of our commitment to improving rural health through research.