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East Grampians Health Service is committed to providing quality care for older people and ensuring a positive experience for Residents and their families.

Our modern facilities, comfortable surrounds and leisure and lifestyle programs make an important contribution to our Resident’s self-esteem and independence.  Inside and outside areas are available for eating and relaxing in the company of others.  Residents have the privacy of their own room when they wish.

70 Lowe Street - AraratGarden View Court - AraratParkland House - Willaura

Aged Care – Residential

We focus on the individual, their family, friends and community.  Individualised care is assured by identifying the Resident’s personal preferences and interests in all areas across the social and clinical spectrum. We encourage our residents to live their lives to the fullest and make the most of what we have to offer.

Our staff pride themselves on their genuine dedication to deliver the highest standard of care 24 hours a day, 365 days a years.

The Nursing Homes at 70 Lowe Street, Ararat and Willaura Healthcare provide for people with a greater degree of frailty, who need continuous nursing care.

The Hostels at Ararat and Willaura provide accommodation and personal care, such as assistance with dressing and showering.  This is available at Garden View Court, Ararat and Parkland House, Willaura.

A commitment to high quality care

All EGHS Residential Aged Care areas operate in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Aged Care Act 1997 and we continue to make improvements to ensure that these high standards are met.

In addition, all EGHS Residential Aged Care areas have met all the 44 stringent standards and are fully accredited by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards and the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd.

Health, personal care and residential lifestyle are key standards under which care and programs are delivered across all EGHS Aged Care areas.  Nutrition and exercise programs are also available for physical well being and clinical care needs.

Becoming a resident

To become a resident in any aged care facility requires an assessment by an Aged Care Assessment (ACAS) Officer.
Referral to ACA can be made by your General Practitioner, service provider, family member, carer or self-referral.
For further information about ACAS please telephone
(03) 5352 9300

Independence and Lifestyle
Residents are supported to maintain contact and interest in the wider community. The Lifestyle program is designed to cater for the diverse range of Resident’s interests and abilities. A comprehensive Lifestyle questionnaire which includes the Resident’s preferences, social and cultural interests, is completed on admission.

Qualified caring staff
EGHS employs appropriately qualified and experienced nursing and support staff and actively encourages ongoing education, ensuring a culture of quality care in all areas.  Staff also participate in the organisation’s mandatory education program.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement in aged care is central to what we do.  It is a way of life where Residents, relatives and staff input is vital.  The outcomes of our activities and care offered are measured by Resident and Relatives satisfaction surveys, audits and observations.

Additional general information is available from the Department of Health and Ageing

Star Ratings

East Grampians Health Service has recently received excellent Star Ratings for all of its aged care facilities.

The star rating system for aged care services has been developed by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care in response to the Aged Care Royal Commission, to assist older members of our community and their families to compare the quality and performance of different aged care services.

The star rating system will ensure transparency about the quality of care provided in all aged care facilities, and aged care providers will continuously work to improve the quality of care for each of our residents.

Two of our four aged care facilities, Willaura Nursing Home and Parkland House have achieved uplifted ratings from the previous 4 star rating to 5 stars, which gives an overall rating of Excellent to both of these homes. Less than 2% of aged care facilities achieve a 5 star rating nationally.

70 Lowe Street has also achieved an uplift in ratings, from 3 stars to 4 stars, and Garden View Court Hostel, is holding steady at 3 stars.

These star ratings are all outstanding achievements. Each of our aged care facilities prides itself on providing top quality personalised care to each person living in the home. Every staff member works with incredible passion and are fully committed to continue to provide outstanding care for each individual person. EGHS thanks every staff member personally for being able to provide that individualised touch.

EGHS will continue to provide exemplary care for our community members, and guarantee star ratings will continue to improve in the coming months.

The star ratings can be found on the My Aged Care website:

Aged Care Tracking Report – June 2023

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