Day Procedure Unit

Can I go to theatre with my child?

Yes, you will be given appropriate theatre attire to wear in order to accompany your child to theatre whilst they are anaesthetised.

Can my family wait with me before theatre?

Due to the size of our unit, we can only accept one family member to stay with you prior to your procedure.

How long will it take for my cataract surgery?

Please allow up to 3 hours in total from your admission time and ensure your driver is aware of this.

What medications can I take on the day of my surgery?

It is recommended that you contact your surgeon or anaesthetist in regards to taking your regular medications prior to your surgery.

Is there a cafeteria at the hospital?

Café Pyreness is open from 8:30-4:00 Monday to Friday and is easily located directly behind Pyreness House on Girdlestone Street.

When are visiting hours?

You may visit your family between 9:00-12:00 and 2:00-8:00, please respect patients resting time between 12:00-2:00pm.

What do I bring on the day of my surgery?

All that you are required to bring is yourself, consent form if not already provided. If your child is having surgery, please ensure you bring along button up cotton pyjamas.

Do I need to bring my medicare card?

We do not require your medicare or concession card details, including private health as this information would have been provided at the time of you completing your admission paperwork.

What time will I be discharged?

As all individuals recover differently, a more approximate time of discharge will be provided to you by your nurses on the day of your procedure.

Can I still drink when fasting?

No, you cannot have any fluids when fasting.