Podiatry – 5352 9327

Podiatrists are trained to diagnose, prevent and treat foot disorders.

The Podiatry service is for clients who have a condition that places their lower limb at risk of complications, or have a significant foot problem.   A referral from a GP or other health professional is required for new clients who should hold pension card or health care card.   Due to the demands on this service,  EGHS is unable to accept self-referrals for our Podiatry services and general nail cutting on healthy feet is not offered.

The Podiatrists at EGHS can assess, treat and give expert advice on a wide range of problems affecting the feet, lower limbs, gait and mobility.

These problems may include:

– foot pressure injuries

– wounds and infections on feet and toes

– foot problems that affect walking, running or doing activities at work

– gait or balance problems for all ages

– foot problems from chronic conditions like diabetes, kidney failure, arthritis, cancer, circulation or nerve problems

– shoes and orthotics problems

– corns and callouses that are affecting your gait or walking

– problems or deformities that need long term rehabilitation using casts, insoles, pads or braces

– ingrown toenails that need surgery or bracing