Dental Services – 5352 9327

East Grampians Health Service serves our local community’s dental needs at our modern 4 chair Dental Clinic located at the Community Centre in Girdlestone Street, Ararat. Clinic hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

East Grampians is a teaching clinic of Latrobe University.  Dental students provide free emergency and some general dental services to all eligible clients; they are supervised by an experienced dentist

Our services include:

  • Early Childhood Oral Health Program
  • School Dental Program
  • Youth Dental Program
  • General Adult Dental Services
  • Emergency Dental
  • General & Denture Adult Services

Eligibility & Fees
Children (Dental Services are available for all children from ages 0-12)

  • Services are FREE for children


  • Students in secondary school or those who have left school and are under-18 years old, who are Health Care Card holders or dependants of Health Card/Concession Card holders are eligible for free treatment
  • Youth over 13 years of age who do not have a Health Care or Pension Concession Card or are dependants of HCC or PCC are not eligible for the service
  • There are no waiting lists for youth care


All adults who are Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card holders are eligible for dental treatment.

Waiting lists and fees apply:

  • $31.00 per visit applies.  A maximum of $124 is charged for the first four appointments.
    Any future appointments after that are free of charge.
  • $31.00 flat fee for emergency appointments
  • Dentures are a separate cost: $74.50 each or $149 for upper and lower.

Priority Access
Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, newly-arrived refugees, asylum seekers and clients that belong to a funded, agency-specific Special Needs Program have priority access to the Oral Health Program.

  • A current Health Care Card or Concession card is required for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Documents regarding refugee status are required to access services
  • There are no fees

Pregnant women who hold a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card are also eligible for priority access. These patients will incur the normal fees for treatment.

Please inform the reception staff if you are eligible for priority access.

Waiting lists may apply for restorative (fillings) and prosthetic (denture) treatments.

Please contact the Dental Clinic on 5352 9327.

How Can I get more information?
The Dental Health Services Victoria hot-line will answer your questions about public dental services including your closest public dental clinic.  Phone: 1300 360 054 (for the cost of a local call).

Lovely services from the staff while I was having treatment there for dental. So lucky to have this service in our town.

Very well treated and looked after even after I got home, I rang and they even looked after me giving me tablets.

Fantastic experience. Great facilities. Confidence from dental students gives me confidence in their abilities and helps me to relax. Reception and dental staff always super welcoming. Such a great experience to come here.

Could not be happier with the concerned, encouraging, gentle and informative dental treatment I have just encountered. If everyone was as considerate and helpful as your staff this world would be a much better place! Thank you.

Have always found staff and the dental students friendly and capable.