Staff Service Awards

Staff Service Awards
The annual Staff Service Awards recognises the dedication and commitment of staff to EGHS over a long period of time. These long-serving staff make a very valuable contribution to the organisation, in terms of their experience and understanding of the health service and the community it serves.

Service Certificates and Badges are presented to staff for service ranging from 10 years to 40+ years.  Staff with over 20 years service are also presented with a gift certificate.

Staff service is recognsied at our Annual General Meeting.

Staff Achievement Awards
East Grampians Health Service encourages a learning culture and we are indebted to our staff who strive to continually learn and develop througnh education, training, mentoring and by teaching others.

The commitment of staff is evident not only in their achievement of the expectations of their roles, but also in their willingness to continually increase and expand their knowledge and skills to enhance their capacity to deliver quality service with care focused on patients, clients and residents.

Staff achievement is recognised at our Annual General Meeting.