Nursing students produce imaginative assessments

East Grampians Health Service staff were able to observe the unique way in which current Diploma of Nursing students are undertaking learning practices.

Australian Catholic University Diploma of Nursing students, who are currently studying onsite at EGHS, presented one of their latest assessments to staff and peers at the health service.

Clinical teacher Deb Bennett said students worked in groups to produce a 3D body part.

“Not only did they have to be able to describe its function and anatomical features, but they also had to focus on a common disease process involving this body part,” Ms Bennett said.

“All students did extremely well in their assessments and were also very inventive in the ways in which they produced the body parts for these assessments, using plasticine, drawings and even sausages!”

The students are now six months into their 18-month course.

Pictured above: Chris Le Gassick, Tammy Thompson and Rachel Troeth