New TV a great addition to 70 Lowe Street

The 70 Lowe Street Auxiliary recently donated a new sixty four inch Samsung Plasma TV to the residents of 70 Lowe Street to use in their lounge/living area. This new TV will enable the residents to have better viewing and enjoyment when it comes to watching their favorite TV shows.

70 Lowe Street Auxiliary President Ms. Kate Arbon-Ellis said “We are so pleased to donate this new TV to the residents of 70 Lowe Street and I’m sure this TV will be enjoyed by all. The TV is a substantial improvement on the last TV and when it’s fully equipped with a surround sound system, will great for the residents to watch all the movies on.”


Ms. Abon-Ellis also commented “that she would like to make a special mention to wonderful support shown by the new BI Rite Electrical Store in Stawell who were kind enough to give the Auxiliary a very large discount on this purchase.”

East Grampians Health Service Acting Director of Clinical Services Mr. Peter Armstrong said: “East Grampians Health Service is very grateful to the 70 Lowe Street Auxiliary for all their hard work and all their support to 70 Lowe Street. The 70 Lowe Street Auxiliary are extremely active in their commitment to the Nursing Home. Members continually support the health service and assist residents who themselves have contributed much to the local community over the years.