New Pressure Relieving mattresses for 70 Lowe Street

70 Lowe Street has just received two new pressure relieving mattresses after a generous donation from the EGHS Aged Care Auxiliary.

70 Lowe Street Nurse Unit Manager Mrs Tanya Haslett said that “the Airflex pressure relieving mattress support can be used on any health service bed. The use of contact pressure from these Airlfex mattresses has been found to reduce the risk of pressure injury which is caused by reduced capillary blood flow in the tissue surrounding the bony prominences. The mattresses are also a valuable aid in the treatment of existing pressure injuries.”

Mrs Haslett explained that the mattress reduce pressure by sequentially inflating and deflating the air cells in certain areas of the mattress which reduces the contact pressure and restores blood flow and oxygenates the deep tissues around bony prominences.

Mrs Haslett said “It is fantastic to have the support of the EGHS Aged Care Auxiliary, as their efforts allow us to purchase much needed equipment. The care of residents is improved due to their efforts.”

EGHS Aged Care Auxiliary President Mrs Libby McCormick said “It’s nice to know that from our fundraising efforts that we can support the residents of 70 Lowe Street in this manner.”


Pictured above (left to right): Robyn Whitford, Heather Reid, Jane Richardson, Chris Clarke, Jasmine Chalmers, Margaret Young