New EGHS Board Chair looking to shape change

A phrase once heard by newly appointed East Grampians Health Service Board Chair Ken Weldin ‘shaping change, shaping the future in a fair and equitable way’, is something he hopes to achieve during his term.

“This phrase could also be worded ‘help people and be the best we can be’, which seems a decent rule of thumb to follow,” Mr Weldin said.

“I would love to be involved in conversations and ideas that help EGHS do that.”

Mr Weldin comes to the position with an accountancy background, and currently works across external audit, internal audit, governance, risk and compliance services.

He is a Partner with PKF in Melbourne, having previously worked for EY, Arthur Andersen as well as time in commerce with Alexander Dennis who are best known for making the classic red London double decker buses.

Mr Weldin joined the Board in July 2021, but prior to this spent five years as a community representative member on the Audit and Risk Committee at EGHS.

Having first met EGHS Chief Executive Nick Bush, Director of Finance Tony Roberts, and former Board Chair Nancy Panter back in 2016, Mr Weldin said he liked their approach and style and was keen to learn more about the sector and appreciated the opportunity to join the committee.

“Having enjoyed this role, when the opportunity came up to join the Board it seemed the natural next step,” he said.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Mr Weldin met his future wife aged eight as their parents lived (and still do) 500 metres apart.

The couple reconnected some years later and got married in 2004. They visited Australia on their honeymoon and apart from a quick trip back to pack up, have never left! They have two boys aged 15 and 12.

In considering taking on the role of Chair of the EGHS Board, Mr Weldin said with a key part of his job surrounding governance, he was interested in learning more about the topic in new settings as well as testing himself.

“Nancy Panter, our former Chair, has done a fantastic job with EGHS in recent years and was very welcoming to me right from the start. It will be great to follow in her footsteps and have her support for the balance of her board term,” he said.

Since joining the Audit and Risk Committee and then Board, Mr Weldin has been most impressed by the people who are ‘East Grampians Health Service’.

“Since I first got involved with EGHS in 2016 the dedication of all the team, from front desk to CEO, has always stood out,” he said.

“The last few years have clearly been tough, for obvious reasons, but the core values of teamwork, support and focusing on our patients, residents and families are always evident. I know that the Board, as well as the community, are thankful for all their efforts.”

Mr Weldin is looking forward to meeting staff and the community during his term as Chair of the Board.

“We all want one thing – a successful EGHS continuing our proud leadership in rural care,” he said.

“If there are any ideas or comments on that then I – and the Board – want to make sure we hear them.”