Forty five years playing Easter Bunny

For 45 years, Marg Young has been delivering Easter Eggs to residents at East Grampians Health Service.

Marg began her Easter rounds at Pyrenees House, then moved on to Pickford House and has continued spreading Easter cheer at 70 Lowe Street.

Marg’s first Easter Egg run was in 1974 when she first started volunteering for the service, gaining paid employment in 1978, but continuing to volunteer her time even after her retirement.

During her years at the health service, Marg worked in various roles, including as a kitchenhand, helping at functions and even taking photos for the health service for 19 years.

Marg introduced her grandson, Callum, to volunteering for aged care when he was just three years old and wanted to go with his grandmother on Easter Sunday to deliver chocolates to residents.

From the very beginning, Callum showed his maturity and compassion for people.

“He was just lovely with them, he relates very well to the elderly,” Marg said.

Marg still loves her volunteering work at the health service.

“I love volunteering, I get a lot of enjoyment out of meeting people and seeing the smiles on residents’ faces, especially those without family,” Marg said.

“I just wish a lot more people would come up and volunteer because you get so much out of it, you really do.”

Marg is a current volunteer with the EGHS Residents’ Support Group and plans to keep volunteering as long as she can.

Callum follows closely in his grandmother’s footsteps, being very involved in community groups in his hometown and he wants to be a doctor when he is an adult.

Marg has instilled a love of community and compassion in her grandson Callum and that is a fabulous legacy to imprint upon family.

The residents of 70 Lowe Street once again were delighted to receive Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday this year, hand delivered by Marg and Callum, and all at the health service thank them for their ongoing support of our residents in aged care.

Marg and Callum gathering their Easter Eggs to deliver to residents this year