EGHS thanks Colliers Charitable Fund

East Grampians Health Service Chief Executive Mr. Nick Bush thanked the Collier Charitable Fund for their donation of $30,000 to the New Nursing Education Centre where Secretary of the fund Mr. Geoff Linton had visited recently.

Collier Charitable Fund Secretary Mr. Geoff Linton said “It’s nice to see that the funds that Collier’s Charitable Fund donates are put to such good use and is reflected in the way this facility has been re-structured and renovated. The new facility has a high level of activity with many education and training uses, one of great interest is the University of Ballarat diploma of nursing course.


Mr. Linton commented that we like to support rural communities that have vision and purpose, which East Grampians Health Service has. I wish East Grampians Health Service the very best with this new venture and look forward to hearing the positive outcomes from this inspiring project”

Mr. Bush highlighted that “the Pyrenees House Education Centre was now fully operational, training diploma of nursing students, catering for functions and meetings, and has a well equipment modern café facility, catering for staff and visitors. I would also like to thank the Collier Charitable Fund for their help and support to improve the delivery on improving Health Service.”