Dietician Visits School

East Grampians Health Service Dietician visits Ararat North Primary School to help deliver key healthy eating messages to the students.

EGHS Dietician Mrs. Rachael Cooper visited Ararat North Primary School on Wednesday 28th September and demonstrated to the students through various slideshows of good food choices to eat most of the time and foods to eat occasionally.

Rachael emphasized the students were very responsive and interested in all aspects of healthy eating; I was really amazed at the level of interest from the students at question time. The students are starting to work on the building blocks of healthy eating and oral hygiene, which is part of the “Happy Mouths Happy Kids” program that EGHS will deliver to the schools earlier next year.

Ararat North Primary School Principal Mrs. Wendy Byrne remarked “this is such an innovative approach by the East Grampians Health Service and we are already starting to see some very positive results from the students. This program fits in well with our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen where children learn to grow their own vegetables and cook healthy foods”.

For more information about the Happy Mouths – Happy Kids program, you can contact Danny Drake on 5352 9387  or email