Bursaries and scholarships awarded by health service

East Grampians Health Service awarded a number of bursaries and scholarships to staff at its annual general meeting.

The bursaries and scholarships enable staff to undertake further study, thereby ensuring the long term viability and future of the workforce.

EGHS Board chair Nancy Panter thanked a number of philanthropic trusts and bursaries which enabled the Board to award scholarships to staff to enable them to upskill in their chosen field.

“Without this level of financial support, it would be more challenging for staff to undertake further studies that continue to assist in the health and wellbeing of the community,” she said.

Ms Panter acknowledged the Angela Laidlaw Clinical Scholarship, Building for the Future Foundation, Building for Future Foundation Joe Kapp Bursary and Epworth Health Care.

Lacey Honeyman was awarded the Angela Laidlaw Clinical Scholarship, which is provided by the Laidlaw family in memory of the late Angela Laidlaw, a former member of staff at EGHS.

This scholarship creates opportunities for staff working in clinical areas to be supported in recognition for effort and where they are prepared to demonstrate commitment to study in addition to the usual requirements.

Ms Honeyman will undertake a Graduate Diploma of Nursing Specialisation – Perioperative Nursing.

This year’s $15,000 Epworth Healthcare Bursary was presented to Lauren Cooper, who will undertake a Graduate Diploma of Midwifery.

Epworth Healthcare provides this bursary to ensure improvements in the long term viability of obstetric services.

EGHS is grateful for the support of Epworth Healthcare which assists in recruiting and training midwives. This support enables the midwives to keep up to date with the skills and knowledge essential for EGHS to provide a maternity delivery service.

The EGHS Building for the Future Foundation awards three $15,000 bursaries, two from the Foundation and one in the name of the late Joe Kapp.

This year’s recipients of the Foundation’s bursaries include Marnie Bibby, who will undertake a Graduate Diploma of Midwifery and Rommy Nicht, who will undertake a Bachelor of Nursing.

These bursaries ensure the improvement and the long-term viability of services at EGHS and assist in providing a workforce that is appropriately qualified to meet the health requirements of the current and next generation.

The Joe Kapp Bursary was awarded to Gemma Hardy, who will undertake a Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Paediatrics).

EGHS would like to acknowledge both Joe and Monika Kapp for their generous contribution.

Lacey Honeyman and Rebecca Peters Acting Director Clinical Services 

Rebecca Peters Acting Director Clinical Services and Lauren Cooper

Rebecca Peters Acting Director Clinical Services and Marnie Bibby 

Rebecca Peters Acting Director Clinical Services and Rommy Nicht

Sarah Woodburn Director of Community Services and Gemma Hardy