Junior Doctor Training Program

Junior Doctor Training Program (JDTP) – Private Hospital Stream

The Commonwealth Junior Doctor Training Program (Private Hospital Stream) is an initiative designed to increase national capacity to train junior doctors in expanded settings and improve access to medical services for Australians living in rural communities.

For internship, this program is targeted at full-fee paying international medical graduates of onshore universities who do not acquire a position through the state/territory programs.

The Grampians program has three of these positions for internship. These are the only three positions of this kind in Victoria.

Whilst applications for the JDTP itself do not open until later in the year (usually September), we strongly encourage eligible interested applicants to apply to our program directly during the application processes for state/territory positions. Show us your interest early!!!

For more information on the JDTP, refer to the Commonwealth JDTP Private Hospital Stream webpage https://www1.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/work-junior-doctor-training-program-private-hospital-stream

Once recruited to our program, the JDTP interns have the same experiences/rotations as our VRGP interns. Ideally these positions will be filled by candidates with rural or regional aspirations but the skills learned in our program are certainly transferrable to other programs and pathways. This is a great opportunity international medical graduates from onshore universities to explore rural career options in Victoria.