Women’s health continence physiotherapy available at EGHS

East Grampians Health Service physiotherapist Caroline Hamilton has recently completed her postgraduate qualification in pelvic floor physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne.

Pelvic floor physiotherapists are able to assess pelvic floor function and tailor an exercise program to meet an individual’s specific needs.

Active pelvic floor muscles are very important to women and if poorly controlled can lead to prolapse and loss of bladder and bowel control.

“This group of muscles can be weakened by childbirth, heavy lifting, surgery, being overweight, constipation or menopause,” Caroline said.

“For some women, their pelvic floor muscles may be overactive, that is, they can switch on involuntarily when they should be relaxing. These women need to learn to release their pelvic floor muscles.”

To support this continence work the EGHS Auxiliary generously purchased a real time ultrasound scan machine for use in the physiotherapy/exercise physiology department at EGHS.

The portable real time ultrasound scan unit will provide a valuable adjunct to the assessment and treatment of clients with pelvic floor dysfunction.

It will enable clients to have visual feedback about the working of their pelvic floor muscles during a pelvic floor contraction.

“We would like to thank the Auxiliary for their generous donation of the real time ultrasound, it will be of great benefit in treating women from the region with pelvic floor dysfunction,” Caroline said.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Caroline Hamilton please contact the Community Health Centre at EGHS on 53529327. Referrals to the service can be from your doctor or women can self-refer.

EGHS Auxiliary president Viv Burridge and treasurer Christine Van Straaten with EGHS physiotherapist Caroline Hamilton