Willaura Health Care Auxiliary supports their local Health Service

A recent donation from the Willaura Health Care Auxiliary of $13,158.00 has allowed for a new Low-Low bed, four new sitting chairs, carpet and blinds to be purchased by Willaura Health Care.

Willaura Health Care Auxiliary President Mrs Judy Paterson said “recently the Auxiliary are in a strong financial position from the success of recent fundraising efforts, such as the Willaura Health Care Outdoor Market. It is very rewarding as volunteers to able to contribute in such a significant way to our local Health Service.

Willaura Health Care Manager Mrs Christine Jordan said “The Low-Low bed allows for the bed to be lowered to a safe height for residents that have the potential to fall out of bed.  It also is used to help residents sitting up as the head of the bed can be electrically lifted and the foot of the bed can be lowered or placed on an angle if required.”


Mrs Jordan commented that” Willaura Health Care offers a range of services including hospital, district nursing and palliative care together with residential and aged care at the Nursing Home. The Day Centre provides a valuable service to the Willaura community operating 1 day per week. Willaura Health Care is very grateful for the support and generosity shown by the Willaura Healthcare Auxiliary and I would like to acknowledge the wonderful support Willaura and District community has displayed to the Health Service.”