Virtual reality technology help staff understand dementia

Staff from 70 Lowe St attended two unique training sessions in July.

The two training sessions were Understanding Dementia and Enabling EDIE, which uses virtual reality technology to enhance carers’ knowledge of the impact of dementia and to develop a support plan that enables Edie and his wife to live more confidently with dementia.

The aim of this workshop is to better understand dementia from the perspective of the consumer (resident) through an Educational Dementia Immersive Experience (Enabling EDIE).

The workshop introduces a ‘re-ablement’ approach, focusing positively on what people can do, given appropriate support, and on the possibilities for living well with dementia.

“Staff feedback from these sessions was overwhelmingly positive, with staff stating that they had greater understanding of a resident’s perspective of dementia; identifying support needs of the residents; and how to develop a relevant plan that focuses on enabling a person living with dementia,” Training and Development Manager Claire Sladdin said.