The Ark Toy & Activity Centre Opens its Doors

The Ark Toy & Activity Centre officially opened its newly renovated facility at East Grampians Health Service on Friday 3rd August. The recent relocation to this newly renovated building has helped create a dynamic space for the children to play and learn.

The Ark Toy & Activity Centre Auxiliary President Mrs. Kaye Chamings said “We are absolutely delighted with this new building, when it was first mentioned that we might have to move, I must admit, we were all a bit nervous. The East Grampians Health Service has gone to lot of effort to give the Auxiliary members a modern facility to run the Ark Toy & Activity Centre which we are all so impressed with.”

Mrs. Chamings also made the comment that “the new building is bright, cheery and very inviting and has a really good feel to it, which I think the kids have seemed to have picked up on already, I would also like to thank EGHS Chief Executive Mr. Nick Bush and the building team for such an incredible job.”

As part of the opening of the Ark Toy & Activity Centre, the Auxiliary held their Annual General Meeting. They were treated to Ms. Nat Williams and Ms. Tammie Meehan, who were guest speakers for the day. Ms. Nat Williams and Ms. Tammie Meehan are prep teachers from Ararat 800 Primary School. Ms Meehan highlighted encouraging a child’s creativity and imagination is a vital component to their development. Children need to be regularly given opportunities for free and imaginative play.

Ms. Williams highlighted the fact that children’s need to keep developing their creative and imagination skills that they have developed in kindergarten through to Primary School, where they should be encouraged to keep building on these skills in the early days of Primary School.


Ms. Williams and Ms. Meehan recently visited Italy where they witnessed the implementation of such a program. The results of this social developing modeling program were evident in the high development of children in the local region.

East Grampians Health Service Chief Executive, Mr. Nick Bush who attended the opening commented that “he was impressed with the expanded direction of the Ark Toy & Activity Centre and how well they have incorporated the resources at the Centre to not only help children, but the elderly who suffer with motor function and memory skills deficiencies. The Auxiliary must be commended on their versatility to help many varied groups in our local community.”

Mrs Ruth de Fegely, former president and Founder of the The Ark Toy & Activity Centre was invited as a distinguished guest on the day who formally opened the new facility said “It is most rewarding to see the longevity of the Ark Toy & Activity Centre, which over the years has seen many moves, it was an absolute pleasure and delight to open the new Ark Toy & Activity Centre and wish all the Auxiliary members all the very best for many years to come”

The Ark Toy & Activity Centre is open on Wednesdays between 10am – 2.00pm and caters for children with special needs and has also helped residents of Garden View Court Hostel, 70 Lowe Street and the Ararat Retirement Village. For further information please contact Mrs. Kaye Chamings on 5352 2289.