Successful start to the Graduate Nurse Program 2016

East Grampians Health Service’s Graduate nurse program began in February, with the successful employment of seven graduate nurses.  Registered nurses, Amanda Cranstoun, Rachel Nicholls, Jessica Attwell, Demi Holcombe, Nicola Pearse, Annai Murphy and Jenny Cole are each rotating through such areas as: 70 Lowe St, Perioperative Unit, Inpatient Unit and Community Nursing throughout the year.

East Grampians Health Service, Director of Clinical Services Mr Peter Armstrong commented that the clinical areas will offer the graduates different experiences in medical/surgical nursing, aged care, peri-operative nursing and nursing in the community.

Mr Armstrong said ”The learnings in each of these areas is supported by a knowledgeable and skilful workforce who can assist the graduates to work towards developing their clinical assessment and time management skills.  The support provided by the clinical support nurses/educators will also allow for their growth professionally and personally.”

Mr Armstrong explained that the graduates have commenced attending professional development days that will be offered to them throughout the year. These are fantastic opportunities for them to share their experiences with each other and graduate’s from other health services.  It allows them to build on their nursing foundation and extend their knowledge base in order to apply their learnings in the clinical setting.

East Grampians Health Service, Education Manager Heather Phillips said “the graduate nurse program at East Grampians Health Service prepares the graduates well for what nursing can offer them.  It is a well-rounded initiation to the nursing workforce and sets them up for their futures in nursing”.

Clinical Support Nurse/Educator, Claire Sladdin says that “although the graduate nurse program is about supporting recently graduated nurses during their first year working as a nurse, it is also very refreshing to have new nurses come into the organisation, bringing with them cheery personalities and a passion for all things nursing”.

Mr Armstrong said he was pleased that East Grampians Health Service would be offering seven nursing graduates the opportunity to complete their graduate nursing program. This is of significance, as it has meant an increase in our graduate nurse program numbers from four to seven. East Grampians Health Service has a 100% retention rate from our last three graduate intakes which is an exciting prospect when we look towards 2017 where we will be offering nine graduate nurse places in the program to build our nursing workforce, he said.