Successful Graduate Nurse Program 2015

East Grampians Health Service’s Graduate nurse program has been a successful and enjoyable year for the three nursing graduates in 2015. Clare Slatter, Elizabeth Atkinson and Tneal Seidel are nearing completion of their graduate nurse program with rotations through clinical areas, such as: the hospital In-patient unit, 70 Lowe St, Peri-operative unit and Community nursing.

East Grampians Health Service, Director of Clinical Services Peter Armstrong explained that each of these areas, offered the nursing graduates different experiences in medical/surgical nursing, aged care, peri-operative nursing and nursing in the community. The learnings in these areas offer them development of their clinical and time management skills. Support of education team of clinical support nurses helps for their growth professionally and personally.

Mr Armstrong said “The graduates have had many opportunities to participate in professional development throughout the year, often sharing their experiences with each other and graduate’s from other health services.   This allows them to build on their nursing foundation and extend their knowledge base in order to apply their learnings in the clinical setting.”

East Grampians Health Service, Education Manager Heather Phillips The Graduate Nurse program at East Grampians Health Service prepares the graduates well for what nursing can offer them. It is a well-rounded initiation to the nursing workforce and sets them up for their futures in nursing, she said

“I have had a great year, it is supportive program where furthering your learning is encouraged in a great facility with approachable and friendly staff, where they go out of their way to make you feel welcome in the hospital and in the community”, said Clare Slatter

“I love the support I receive…I love that I am able to consolidate all of my learning in a very supportive environment”, said Elizabeth Atkinson

“I never think twice about stepping back and asking for help because no matter what the time of day is, there is always someone with a wealth of knowledge that is there to help, for this you come out a better nurse for asking rather than not knowing”,  Tneal Seidel

Mr Armstrong highlighted that in 2016, East Grampians Health Service is delighted to offer six nursing graduates the opportunity to complete their graduate nursing program. This means an increase in our Graduate Nurse Program numbers as we move from four graduates to six.

It is very exciting to offer local people the opportunity to return to Ararat to take up employment here and reap the benefits and opportunities that a rural health service can provide, he said.

(Pictured left to right: Kate Pitcher, Claire Slatter, Tneal Seidel, Elizabeth Atkinson and Claire Sladdin)


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