Service to self-manage diabetes

East Grampians Health Service is now offering a new service to help people self-manage their diabetes.

Called iPro 2 Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring, the system involves a device which is worn on the torso.

It is comfortable, discreet and watertight and provides comprehensive accurate data on patient glucose levels, information that can be used to tailor patient treatment plans, as well as being a helpful tool for patient education to prompt behaviour modification.

“The device is worn for a period of six days and a personalised and confidential report can be provided to a health professional as requested by you,” Julie Lang, from EGHS Community Nursing, said.

“Self-referral is accepted.”

The service is available through the EGHS Diabetes Education Department.

If you are not meeting your HbA1c goals, experiencing frequent low blood glucose levels, can’t feel when you are going low, can’t control your highs after eating, switching one diabetes therapy to another or not performing regular self-monitoring of blood glucose, then this service may be for you.

An iPro2 evaluation will help you learn what works for you to better manage your diabetes and help you understand the link between lifestyle and your glucose.

The iPro2 is also ideal if your diabetes specialist or GP has requested you have professional continuous glucose monitoring.

This service costs $100, which includes the provision of the sensor and report. Payment options are available.

For further information, please contact Julie or Bree on 03 5352 9327.


Pictured above: The iPro 2 Continuous Glucose Monitoring device is worn on the torso and is comfortable, discreet and watertight


Pictured above: Bree and Julie, from East Grampians Health Service Community Nursing with the iPro 2 Continuous Glucose Monitoring device