Rugs knitted for residents

Members of the East Grampians Health Service Residents’ Support Group have been busy knitting knee rugs for residents in 70 Lowe Street and Garden View Court.

Beryl Raselli spent many hours knitting the squares and members then sewed the squares into colourful knee rugs, which have been put to good use over the winter months.

Fifteen rugs were produced.

“The Residents’ Support Group members have been unable to volunteer in our aged care facilities due to visitor restrictions and lockdowns, so we decided donating hand knitted rugs to our residents would not only keep them warm during winter, but also let them know we are thinking of them,” President Marlene Goudie said.

“We have really missed visiting residents and enjoying activities with them and hope that we will soon be able to do so again very soon.”

Pictured are Residents’ Support Group members Jane Richardson and Heather Steedman, who coordinated the knitted rug program for 70 Lowe Street and Garden View Court.