Nursing course begins their studies at Ararat

Twenty new Nursing Students commenced their studies at Pyrenees House on February 6th, which involves 40 hours per week of study at the East Grampians Health Service campus.

Heather Phillips, EGHS Education Manager, said, “The students are doing very well and have a busy year ahead.  The Diploma of Nursing qualification is being delivered by the University of Ballarat on a full-time basis for a period of 18 months. The student’s transition into the organisation has run smoothly due to the provision of a great learning environment, created by the outstanding training facilities, the professional work of the Educator group from UB, and an enthusiastic student group.”

Prue Cosgriff , a Diploma of Nursing student at EGHS, commented that “the course is progressing well. Teachers from the University of Ballarat are wonderful and holding this course at East Grampians Health Service was a fantastic idea as it has made this course available for local people.  Pyrenees House is a great facility and we are all looking forward to completing the Diploma of Nursing.”


Current Diploma of Nursing student Sarah Paul said, “Having the course run through Ararat gives me an opportunity for a nursing career that would not have been possible otherwise.  We are thrilled with the facilities at EGHS and have great support from UB TAFE.”

It’s great that they were able to run the course here in Ararat, it allows many local people to be able to study nursing that before was not possible. So far the course is running very smooth and is well organised,” said Daniel Schreuder a Diploma of Nursing student.

Mr Nick Bush, Chief Executive at East Grampians Health Service, expressed his satisfaction at the commencement of the new students. “University of Ballarat Diploma of nursing course commencing in Ararat is a significant step forward as EGHS continues to develop as a teaching health service, including some of the local staff teaching.”

Mr Bush further highlighted the commitment of EGHS to training students, a majority of whom are locals, to hopefully someday enter into caring for their local community.  Mr Bush said: “At EGHS numerous staff have commenced their careers with a Diploma of Nursing, including: Chief Radiographer and Sonographer, Craig Newsome and theatre associate Nurse Unit Manager, Jane Smith.”