New Orthopaedic Surgeon at Health Service

East Grampians Health Service has appointed a new Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr. Scott Mason. Mr. Mason is practicing at Ballarat Health Service and St John of God’s in Ballarat and will work 2 days per month, operating and consulting at Ararat and will progressively increase his time in Ararat.

Mr. Mason first studied medicine at the Monash University and then started training Orthopedics at Alfred Hospital, Westmead Hospital and then smaller regional centres such as Albury, Wangeratta and Ballarat.

Mr. Mason will consult from East Grampians Health Service Community Health Centre in Girdlestone Street. Referrals from General Practitioners can be sent directly to the Community Health Centre.

Mr. Mason highlighted that he likes the practical aspect of being an Orthepaedic, where he can be more hands on and make a big difference to the quality of people’s lives. The scope of his work involves some interesting challenges, such as joint replacement, fixing fractures and sport medicine involving reconstructions.

East Grampians Health Service Chief Executive Mr. Nick Bush said “Mr Mason is a great addition to the Health Service and will play a crucial role to our patients who require orthopaedic surgery as this district has a proud history of competitive sport”

Mr. Mason commented that “he was excited to join the East Grampians Health Service, the Health Service is a nice environment to work in and everyone in the community, including the staff are all very friendly.

East Grampians Health Service Perioperative Unit Manager Ms. Jane Smith said “I am very pleased that the orthopaedic surgeon position has been filled by a skilled surgeon such as Mr. Mason who has previous rural experience.”