Murals brightening the lives of 70 Lowe Street residents

Beautiful and bright new murals have been installed in each of the three avenues – or wings – of 70 Lowe Street, one of East Grampians Health Service’s aged care facilities.

The murals are not only eye-catching and colourful but they have many other benefits too.

“This includes helping to orientate residents around the building, for example, bird pictures in Bird Avenue, so that if a resident’s room is in Bird Avenue they now have an easier way to find their way back to their room,” resident support coordinator Bernadette Cincotta said.

“The murals also brighten up the walls of the building, just like artwork in a home, they provide topics for discussion between residents, staff and their visitors, and they provide images that help residents reminisce.”

The installation of the murals, undertaken by local sign writer Andrew Calvert, are in line with the Montessori Model of Care, currently being implemented by 70 Lowe Street.

Montessori is an innovative approach to aged care, which enhances quality of life.

The goal of Montessori is to create persons who are as independent as possible, able to make choices and who are treated with respect and dignity, by providing meaningful activities and roles such as setting tables, napkin folding, gardening, arranging flowers, looking after pets such as chooks and other activities such as reading, craft and woodwork.

Outcomes of Montessori include reduction in behaviours often associated with dementia, improved sleep patterns, reduction in amount of medication, and an environment which supports a person’s memory.

Nurse Alana Jenkins showing 70 Lowe Street resident Peg the butterfly mural in Butterfly Avenue