Live Longer Feel Better Volunteer Day

On 21st July East Grampians Health Service hosted a Look Good Feel Better volunteer training afternoon.

East Grampians Health Service Breast Care Nurse Mrs. Sarah Carter who facilitates the free Look Good Feel Better program runs a workshop twice a year at East Grampians Health Service. This program is primarily run for any woman recently diagnosed with any type of cancer, undergoing or about to undergo chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatment for cancer.

Experienced volunteers from the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry are available to show women how to care for their skin and apply make-up to minimise the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment and show creative and practical ways of dealing with possible hair loss.

Mrs Carter said “We are currently looking for new volunteers to join the program. It is such a rewarding program to be involved in and a great chance to help ladies going through a difficult time in their life. Ladies can come away from the program feeling pampered and revitalized.” said Mrs Carter

Mrs Carter highlighted that the makeup provided on the day is supplied by many makeup companies free of charge and the ladies can take it home to practice with.

If anyone in the beauty or hairdressing industry could donate their time, twice a year, please contact Look Good Feel Better on 1800 650 960 or visit their website at”or contact me said Mrs Carter on 53 529 343. The next volunteer training date is the 19th August.

Co-ordinator of the Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group, Mrs Bev Walker highlighted that their support group recently donated $1,000.00 to East Grampians Health Service to help with luncheon costs for the LGFB program.

Mrs Bev Walker and fellow volunteer Kaye Fox like to offer support for all women with breast cancer and their families by providing regular meetings, telephone support, social occasions and practical assistance.

For further information regarding the Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group please contact Bev on 5252 1604 or Kaye on 5352 1462.

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