Keep Cups reducing disposable cups in landfill

East Grampians Health Service has introduced ‘Keep Cups’ for staff and community members who regularly use Café Pyrenees, which will see hundreds of disposable cups removed from landfill each week.

As part of a move towards a more environmentally sustainable organisation, EGHS will sell two sizes of keep cups from Café Pyrenees, which are reusable.

EGHS Environmental Sustainability Management Coordinator Linden Marland said in the first week alone, more than 50 were sold.

“We are really pleased with the uptake of Keep Cups by staff who were keen to jump on board the initiative,” Mrs Marland said.

“It just shows that staff are happy to take up sustainability initiatives and that they care about the environment.

“We sell hundreds of hot drinks from our popular Cafe Pyrenees each week, both to staff and to a lesser extent members of the community, and the majority of these are sold in disposable cups. The Keep Cups mean that no longer are these disposable cups going to landfill and that EGHS is doing its bit for the environment.”

EGHS is continuing to introduce other sustainability initiatives.

The health service has introduced a lighting replacement program using LED lighting, is continuing to install timers on lights as redevelopment takes place so that when rooms are unused lighting switches off, has introduced sleep mode on all computers, and has installed low water usage shower heads on all showers.

Pictured: EGHS Management Intern Simon Chong and Café Pyrenees staff member Mandy Thomas with the new EGHS branded Keep Cups