Ipads Lending a Helping Hand

70 Lowe St Aged Care residents are embracing the technology of Ipads with support from the 70 Lowe St leisure and lifestyle staff who are teaching them how to use the devices.

70 Lowe St Leisure and Lifestyle coordinator Ingrid Henry said “we were able purchase two iPads with a generous donation from the EGHS Aged Care Auxiliary”. Ms Henry said she had read research that suggested certain types technology could help increase residents overall wellbeing and that it worked well with people who are feeling isolated and lonely.

70 Lowe St Nurse Unit Manager Tanya Haslet said “The Ipad’s do not require delicate fine motor control and this is extremely important for most of our residents who have limited experience with computers. The residents now have access to Ipads and these Ipads can be easily moved around to resident’s rooms who require more privacy when Skyping their families”, she said.

Mrs. Haslett explained that the Ipads can also be used to make personal music playlists used for music therapy which has been seen to improve a sense of wellbeing and stimulate the memory. Residents that have severe cognitive impairment respond actively to singing which increases their communication skills, she said

Mrs. Haslett said that there are “specific apps that are designed to improve and maintain dexterity of resident’s hands and improve vision due to the vibrant colors with these apps

The EGHS Aged Care Auxiliary President Libby McCormack said, “we are delighted to help the residents of 70 Lowe St and we think these new Ipads will be of great benefit to them.

Communication very important and we believe the Ipads will help residents, she said.


Picture above Aged Care Auxiliary (left to right): Robyn Whitford, Chris Clarke Heather Reid, Jane Richardson, Margaret Young, Jasmine Chalmers, Arthur (front row)