Health service records surplus in 2016/2017

East Grampians Health Service has reported a $6,000 surplus operating result for the 2016/2017 year.

At the annual general meeting in Willaura, EGHS Board treasurer Russell Barker said the health service aims to improve the health of its community in a financially responsible manner.

“From our point of view, this is about delivering services in line with demand and within budget but also having an eye to the future,” he said.

“This means undertaking ongoing investment in our staff and assets to maintain and improve our staff knowledge, facilities and equipment.”

Mr Barker said the surplus was in line with the Board’s budget expectations.

He said EGHS delivered significantly more services to the region than it ever has.

This large increase came with associated costs that were able to be managed within the budget limits.

Mr Barker said EGHS saw growth in total revenue of six per cent to $38 million which was largely the result of additional Acute services.

“Ultimately, we are a service that is based on people,” he said.

“It takes a team of 460 dedicated, qualified and highly motivated people to deliver such a high standard of service to our community. As such, labour costs of $28 million represent 80 per cent of our entire operating budget.

“We are proud of the fact that the vast majority of these people are local within 50 kilometres of Ararat and that they have chosen to practise their skills with EGHS.”

Mr Barker said the remainder of our operating budget was spent on the necessary consumables and overheads needed to run the organisation.

“Capital replacement ensures that our equipment and facilities stay current. This year, we invested $1.99 million in asset additions or replacements,” he said.

“While we do attract some funding from the government, capital investment like this would not be possible without the ongoing generous support of community members.

“Through our auxiliaries and supporters such as the Blue Ribbon Foundation, fundraising activities, other donations and bequests have been vital in improving our facilities to enable the provision of modern, safe and efficient health services. For this support we are ever grateful and look forward to the continued support of the community.

“This year’s operating result coupled with ongoing capital investment shows that EGHS remains committed to developing the service in response to community demand well into the future.”

Pictured above: East Grampians Health Service Board treasurer Russell Barker delivering his report to the 2017 annual general meeting.