Health service and Ambulance Victoria enter agreement

East Grampians Health Service and Ambulance Victoria have signed an agreement to work more closely, with the aim of providing joint education and training in a bid to building the skills of the health service and ambulance staff and of retaining ambulance officers, doctors and nurses in the area.

The two organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which outlines the future collaboration in education and training and reviews cases that did not go as well as hoped to seek improvement for the future.

Regional Director Ambulance Victoria Grampians Terry Marshall and East Grampians Health Service chief executive Nick Bush signed the MoU and are looking forward to a solid working relationship in the future.

“We are looking for improved integration between the two organisations, through shared education and training of Ambulance Victoria staff and EGHS,” Mr Marshall said.

“Ambulance Victoria Ararat has increased recently to 21 staff and many are young graduates.

“Ambulance Victoria and East Grampians Health Service are looking to give them a supportive and enjoyable experience so that they want to work for longer in this area.”

East Grampians Health Service chief executive Nick Bush said with the significant boost of paramedics in Ararat it is the responsibility of all involved in health care to show their support.

Pictured back L-R, Mario Santilli, Clare Kingston, Linda Ainsworth, Lorine Paterson, Peter Armstrong, Grant Hocking; front L-R Nick Bush, Terrence Marshall.