Freemason’s Unite to help Health Service

United Ararat Lodge No. 935 has entered into Partnership with East Grampians Health Services for an initial period of three years.

Mr Bill Jones, Secretary of the United Ararat Lodge highlighted that they giving $1,500 per annum for the three years. The Board of Benevolence has approved a matching Grant.  The Building for the Future Foundation which supports East Grampians Health Service will also provide matching finance.

The initiative of the Ararat Lodge with support of the Board of Benevolence and the “Future Foundation” will this year result in an amount of $6,000.  A Presentation was made at the East Grampians Health Service on Monday 23rd July.


The funding is to be used for Post Graduate Training of the Health Service staff in the area of Aged Care.  This initiative draws upon the Guidelines of the Strategic Plan 2010-2013in relation to Community Partnerships and Masonic Philanthropy.

Visiting Freemason’s David Pratt, Richard Parkin and Meil Van Steel made comment that they were all impressed with the Health Service facilities and could see that the Health service prides itself on delivering the best care in the region.

East Grampians Health Service Chief Executive Mr Nick Bush, thanked Mr Jones and the Ararat Freemason Lodge and the Board of Benevolence for supporting the improvement of Aged Care Service offered by the Health Service through the development of our Staff.