Flood recover continues, but health remains top priority

Farming men and women from Elmhurst District supported by the Elmhurst Landcare Group are invited to participate in the award winning Sustainable Farm Families™ (SFF) program which focuses on the health, well-being and safety of farmers and their families.

The SFF program has been developed specifically for farm men and women and involves interactive workshops that address their health, well-being and safety.  More than 2,400 farmers have participated in the program.

The Elmhurst workshop will be held on March 20 and 21.

Elmhurst Bush Nursing Centre, nurse and Landcare member Janine Curtis, said “while local farmers continue to work tirelessly to recover from the floods which affected their properties last year, it’s vital that they take the time to assess their own health and well-being, following what has been a difficult time.”

The devastating flood events, combined with many other agricultural challenges, mean that farmers have been under huge pressure.” Janine said.

The SFF program is designed to remind farmers that if they don’t take the time to look after themselves then it will have an impact not only on them but also on their farm business’ bottom line and their family.


Participants of the SFF program receive full health assessments, have the opportunity to understand their own health risks, how to manage them and how to integrate them into farming life, which can be particularly difficult given the pressures they face.”

SFF workshops cover a range of health topics including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, stress, farm safety, depression, anxiety, nutrition and exercise.

The program is an initiative of Western District Health Service delivered in partnership with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and collaboration with East Grampians Health Service.  Funding for this program was provided as a part of the state government’s flood recovery package

East Grampians Health Service, Regional Health Service Community Nurse Leonie Tellefson said “that the Sustainable Farm Families Program in Elmhurst on 20th& 21st March is such a vital program for local farmers to attend. The vision for the Sustainable Farm Families™ program is to improve the health, well-being and safety of farm families. The health and safety of farmers is a major issue facing agricultural business today and we would encourage all farmers to attend.”