Eye surgery microscope state-of-the-art

East Grampians Health Service’s Perioperative Unit has taken delivery of a state-of-the-art microscope used for eye surgery.

The ophthalmic microscope is used for surgical procedures such as cataract removal and was used by surgeons for the first time this month.

The previous ophthalmic microscope was purchased in 2008 with a generous donation from the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation Ararat Branch.

This microscope was second hand when purchased and repairs and spare parts are no longer available for this model.

Manager of the Jason Bond Perioperative Unit Jane Smith said the new microscope is able to be programmed with individual surgeon preferences for ease of use and has improved vision for the surgeons.

“We have the ability to attach the microscope to a TV screen so nursing and other staff can see the procedures being carried out,” Ms Smith said.

“This can also be used as a teaching aid for interns and medical and nursing students.”

Ms Smith said the new microscope also benefits patients.

“Patients can now have their surgical procedures using the latest microscope technology,” she said.

“The new microscope has the potential to shorten procedure times which is good for patients as the time spent in theatre is reduced and therefore the time they spend as a patient also decreases.

“Our surgeons are thrilled with the arrival of the new microscope, which they commenced using this month.”

Surgeon Mr David Francis and nurse Kirby Connarty undertake a cataract removal procedure, which can be seen on the TV screen attached to the new ophthalmic microscope