EGHS Nurses undertake advanced training in Urgent Care

East Grampians Health Service are pleased to announce the upcoming commencement of Advanced Practice Nurses working in our Urgent Care Centre.

East Grampians Health Service Inpatient Nurse Unit Manager, Mrs Lorine Paterson said “In the past year 4 of our Registered Nurses have undertaken extra study and training to become endorsed to treat certain medical conditions without the need to call a doctor.”

Mrs Paterson believes that with the additional training and endorsement, nurses will be authorised to practice within an expanded scope of practice. This may mean that for certain less complicated patients, Doctors may not need to come to the hospital to attend as the nurse will be competent to manage these situations on their own, she said.

Mrs Paterson said “nurses as always will use their skills to complement the role of the Doctor and be assured that a doctor will always be called at the time of your presentation to the Urgent Care Centre if this is considered necessary.”

Mrs Paterson highlighted that the extended the role of the urgent care nurses has been undertaken with full commitment by local doctors, with Dr. Pieter Pretorius being in the steering committee.

If you have any questions please ask our Urgent Care Centre staff.

In the event of a medical emergency call an ambulance on 000


Pictured above:  Kate Picher, Carolyn Akeeson, Ros Thomas and Rico Hilado