EGHS farewells Glenys Andrew

East Grampians Health Service farewelled manager executive services Glenys Andrew at the end of September.

Pyrenees Café was packed with staff, board members, auxiliary members, volunteers and friends who gathered to wish Glenys well in her retirement, after almost 20 years’ service to EGHS.

EGHS Board president Matthew Wood praised Glenys for her professionalism and the way in which she managed the board processes.

“The professionalism of the board was enhanced under her guidance and she will be sorely missed,” Matthew said.

“The board wishes her well for the future.”

CEO Nick Bush thanked Glenys for her passion and commitment to EGHS over the past 19 ½ years.

“When she began, clunky typewriters were cutting edge technology, and she has seen  three CEO changes along the way!” Nick said.

“Glenys has a very strong work ethic and strives for a very high standard in everything she does, as well as in a gentle but firm way has an expectation that fellow staff perform at the highest level they can so that East Grampians Health Service can be a high performing health service.”

Nick presented flowers to Glenys on behalf of all staff.

Glenys said she was grateful and genuinely honoured to have worked at East Grampians Health Service for almost 20 years.

“I’ve always been very thankful to have been given the opportunity to work in this incredible, forward thinking and highly respected health service. One that I have loved and have been so privileged to be associated with,” Glenys said.

“I am very grateful to have worked with Nick.  He has been an inspiration to me – he is generous with his time, with his knowledge, and his compassion for East Grampians Health Service and his dedication to the health and wellbeing of our community is immense.

“I believe that under Nick’s leadership, East Grampians Health Service has gone from being a very good health service to a great one.

“I am also so lucky to have worked with some exceptional, dedicated, energetic and talented people.”

The Building for the Future Foundation Trustees and EGHS Board members, EGHS Auxiliaries, the many volunteers and the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation Ararat branch were also praised by Glenys for the time and energy they give to the organisation.

Over the years Glenys has been involved in many innovative projects and was proud of the complaints process she developed and managed, believing the EGHS response to complaints is appropriate and well managed.

Glenys has also enjoyed being part of the Health Service Liaison Association.

And it hasn’t all been hard work, there have been plenty of fun times too, such as the many Hospital Balls.

Glenys also recalled organising a couple of footy days over the years, one where staff were dressed up in their footy colours and got up on stage to sing their footy theme song, as well as another year when a number of tap dancers in the organisation were ‘encouraged’ to tap dance to their footy theme songs!

Glenys thanked everyone who attended the farewell morning tea.

“I will miss this health service, I will miss the work that I do that I have genuinely loved but most of all I will miss all of you,” she said.

“How lucky I am to have worked in an organisation with such great people, that makes saying goodbye so hard.”


Pictured above (L-R): EGHS CEO Nick Bush, Manager Executive Services Glenys Andrew and EGHS Board President Matthew Wood