East Grampians Health Service Opens its Second Ultrasound

On Thursday East Grampians Health Service commissioned its second ultrasound machine to meet increasing obstetric services demand.  The new ultrasound was made possible by a generous bequest from the Estate of Miss Mary Louise Torbet.

Miss Torbet, a local Ararat resident left $183,600 to East Grampians Health Service.  The Board chose to purchase the ultrasound to meet the increasing needs of the Ararat community.

East Grampians Health Service’s new Board President, Louise Staley said, “East Grampians Health Service appreciates the generosity of Miss Torbet and that best use of the funds is to increase the service for women”.  The ultrasound machine has latest Philips technology and has 3D/4D imaging. The image quality has vastly improved with new high resolution probes so imaging abdomens, obstetrics, vascular, superficial parts and muscular anatomy has taken a huge step forward. The current machine was also upgraded to the same capabilities as the new machine.

Ms Staley highlighted that East Grampians Health Service is having approximately 140 births per annum and with the 50% increase in numbers in the last 2 years, the demand for ultrasound services has increased at a similar rate.

East Grampians Health Service Chief Executive, Nick Bush, stated that the Medical Imaging Department Manager, Craig Newson, will use the new machine with our training Sonographer, Amy Leeke.

Mr Newson highlighted the second ultrasound machine will reduce waiting times from over 3 weeks to 1 week and offer improved training for Ms Leeke as a sonographer.

Mr Newson thanked Miss Torbet’s estate and the Board for supporting the Medical Imaging Department.