East Grampians Health Service ceases sugary sweetened drinks

East Grampians Health Service has ceased the sale of sugary sweetened drinks in its Café Pyrenees and health service vending machines.

Health Service CEO, Nick Bush said, “EGHS has taken the attitude it will no longer promote and sell sugary sweetened drinks to staff, patients and their families”.

Mr Bush highlighted the high level of sugar in these types of drinks is significant and with regular consumption, results in obesity and poor oral health.

“We are a health service so we must promote good health and reducing the supply of these types of beverages is a step in the right direction.  I thank the staff for their positive approach to the change and hope that this helps other organisations consider a similar change.  Longer term and with other measures, I hope it results in a healthier health service staff and Ararat community” Mr Bush said.


Sugar photo