Clients welcome changes made to the Community Centre

During the last year the Community Health Centre located at East Grampians Health Service, has received a major face lift. During the renovation its internal layout has been improved and it now has a fresh, light airy feel.

Visitors will notice immediately the entrance has been changed which improves flow and avoiding the congestion that occurred at times in the past. Extra storage has been created, there is now a dedicated play area for the children, new offices and treatment rooms. One significant change is the relocation of the Physiotherapy Department from the 1st floor of the Hospital into the Community Centre. This means all specialties (podiatry, occupational therapist, dietitian, speech therapist, physiotherapist, social worker, community health nurses, diabetes educator, dentists) are now located in the same building.

Ms Julia Ogdin (Primary Care Manager) commented that “there have been many benefits from the redevelopment, it is now easy for clients to make bookings to see several health professionals on the one day, with one reception coordinating all appointments. This is a big advantage to our clients who visit us from outlying rural areas.”

Mrs Ogdin also highlighted that ”the finishing touches to the Centre were completed in January, just in time to welcome our two new surgeons who will be using the Community Health Centre’s consulting rooms, Mr Tellambura and Mr.Maqbool. Their knowledge, experience and expertise is a welcome addition to EGHS.”

EGHS Chief Executive Mr Nick Bush said “I would like to personally thank all the staff and clients for their patience during this period of renovation. Stuart Kerr (Director of Support Services) and his team did an excellent job to delivered it on time and on budget. The end result is something I believe the whole community can be proud of. The feedback we have received to date has been overwhelmingly positive.”

This project was funded generously by the Collier Charitable Fund ($29,690), with contributions by the Commonwealth Government and EGHS. Mrs Bush said “we are very fortunate that Foundations like the Collier Charitable Fund choose to contribute in the health of our community. EGHS welcomes the community to come and see the new Centre and all the services that it offers.”

Many may not be aware that children 12 and under can receive free dental care and treatment at the Community Centre. Please contact reception by telephone 5352 9327 for an appointment