Career Pathway at EGHS

East Grampians Health Service recently appointed two managers from its strategies on developing skills of local residents. Theatre Manager Jane Smith and 70 Lowe St Manager Sharon Taylor have progressed their career at East Grampians Health Service to senior management roles.

Both managers are leading significant numbers of staff, Sharon has 50 nursing staff in 70 Lowe. Jane Smith manages 30 staff, together with visiting surgeons and anesthetists to East Grampians Health Service, Ararat.

Jane and Sharon commenced their Health Careers in different ways, Jane as nurse Enrolled Nurse and Sharon as an Intellectual Disability Service Officer, both developed their academic knowledge and skills over many years.

Both Jane and Sharon were awarded the Golden Key International Society for being in the national top 15% of high achievers, which is an outstanding effort by both Nurses.

Jane focused on her work area in the operating theatre and upskilled to Peri-Operative Unit Manager whilst Sharon focused on Nurse Management  and upskilled to Nurse Unit Manager of 70 Lowe St and is currently undertaking a master of business at the University of Ballarat.

Jane commenced nurse training at Ballarat Health Services in 1981. After completing her Enrolled Nurse training, she worked in Melbourne for two years from 1982 – 1984.

1984 Jane commenced employment at East Grampians Health Service as a Enrolled Nurse. and worked in most departments of the Health Service over the next 16 years.

In 2000 Jane applied for and was successful in obtaining a job in the Operating Theatre. Jane worked in the sterilising department and as an anaesthetic nurse participating in on-call duties. Jane said “found quite quickly that I loved working in the Operating Theatre, decided to stay and commence further education to enhance my nursing skills”.

In 2001 Jane commenced her Bachelor of Nursing at University of Ballarat at the Horsham campus and continued to work in the operating theatre whilst studying. Jane then went onto work at Ballarat Health Services in the Operating Theatre and completed both the theory and practical components of a Graduate Diploma in Nursing – Perioperative through Deakin University.

In 2006 Jane returned to work in the Perioperative Unit at EGHS and in 2007 gained the Clinical Nurse Specialist classification; by 2012 Jane successfully obtained a the position of Manager of Perioperative Services.

East Grampians Health Service Perioperative Manager Jane Smith said “I have always had the support of the Health Service while furthering my education both financially and flexibility around my needs and this has been paramount to my development. I have enjoyed the many roles I have undertaken in my nearly 30 years of service at East Grampians Health Service and I have always had the support of my Managers when wanting to further my education.”

Sharon commenced at the University of Ballarat in 2002, studying a degree in nursing with 3 young children, the youngest being 8 months at the time.

Sharon Completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2005 and commenced a graduate year at Stawell Regional Health and remained there for 7 years gaining experience in acute, aged care, emergency, telephone triage, wound consultant, manager and more recently education.

Sharon said “I loved teaching and decided to further my professional development in this field so I studied a Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education at Monash Uni. I passed this with a total score 96%. This course enabled me to lecture at the University of Ballarat as well educate and facilitate learning to all health professionals, not just nursing.”

In October 2011 Sharon commenced work at EGHS as a clinical support nurse which she thoroughly enjoyed but was ready for a leadership role.  In February 2012, Sharon gained  the position as Nurse Unit Manager at 70 Lowe St, which she thoroughly enjoys.

Sharon commented that she had found her niche in Nursing and leadership and is currently looking for further studies to support her new role. Sharon said “I have found EGHS supports professional development and provides opportunity to those who seek it. I feel very fortunate, proud and privileged to work in such an environment. I have a drive to succeed and the only way I can achieve this, is to be given support and the opportunity which EGHS allowed.”

East Grampians Health Service Chief Executive Mr. Nick Bush said “that both Jane and Sharon highlighted that developing the skills of your staff is crucial for its success of East Grampians Health Service. We have identified one of the values of EGHS to be a learning culture and this is evidence.”