Breast Cancer Support Group continues support of Oncology Unit

The Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group continues to support the Oncology Unit of East Grampians Health Service and patients who receive treatment there.

Members of the group visited the Oncology Unit to hand over their fifth oncology chair, raising funds through a number of events and with the assistance of donations from other community organisations, and will soon donate a sixth chair.

The chairs are designed to provide comfort for patients receiving treatment, often for many hours at a time, and have been welcomed by patients who attend the Oncology Unit.

“We would like to thank members of the Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group for their generous donation of another oncology chair and also express our gratitude to the community for the ongoing support of our unit,” EGHS Interim CEO Andrew Freeman said.

“The group receives money from many other organisations in the community which assists with the purchase of the new chairs.

“Our patients are also very grateful for the upgrade of our chairs over the last few years, as they provide a much more comfortable experience for them as they undergo treatment.”

Members of the Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group, Lynne Wilson, Bev Walker and Lorraine Keith with Oncologist Dr Craig Carden (back) and outgoing CEO Nick Bush, seated in the new chair