Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Ararat

October is Australia’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, providing a great opportunity to show support for women and families affected by breast cancer.

East Grampians Health Service Breast Care Nurse Mrs. Sarah Carter announced that Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group are hosting their annual morning tea in support of Pink Ribbon Day. The morning tea event will be held at the Ararat Bowling Club on Monday 28th October commencing at 10am. All community members are welcome to come along and enjoy morning tea whilst listening to guest speaker Mrs.Kim Kyatt from Grampians Breastscreen Victoria.  Mrs Kyatt is the Women’s HealthCare and Breastscreen Manager for Ballarat and she will highlight the importance of women having mammograms.

Mrs. Carter explained that breast cancer is the most common cancer in Australian women with one in 8 diagnosed before the age of 85. Over 14,000 women and over 105 men are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Approximately 40 Australian women are diagnosed every day. While survival rates are improving, figures show more than 89 per cent of women are surviving five years after diagnosis and there is still room for improvment. It is advisable if you do have any concerning or unusual breast symptoms that you see your G.P. straight away.

In seeking early detection and diagnosis this gives you the best possible chance of a successful outcome.  Women without any symptoms can help themselves by having a free mammogram at BreastScreen, to book in call 13 20 50.  There is a Breastscreen Service in both Ballarat and Horsham offering FREE 2 yearly mammograms to women aged 40. There is NO upper age limit; however, the target age group is 50-69 years, as the majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer are in this age range.

Mrs. Carter said “that women who may find it difficult to drive or get to Ballarat for a free mammogram, Breastscreen make a bus available to Ballarat from Ararat which is organised by East Grampians Health Service. Once there are enough people, we will organise the bus to Ballarat. If you would like more information or would like to register your name for the next bus, please ring the Ararat Community Centre on 5352 9327 Or speak with Sarah Carter – Breast Care Nurse on 5352 9343.”

Mrs. Carter also highlighted that on Tuesday 19th November East Grampians Health Service will be hosting the Look Good…Feel Better program. This free workshop runs twice a year and is for any woman recently diagnosed with cancer, undergoing or about to undergo chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatment for cancer. Experienced volunteers from the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry are available to show women how to care for their skin and apply make-up to minimize the appearance related side effects of treatment.

Please ring the Community Centre on 53 529 327 and speak with Sarah Carter Breast Care Nurse for further information or to register, or alternatively the Look Good…Feel Better program on 1800 650 960 or website

Mrs. Carter remarked that the “Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group”, is coordinated by Bev Walker and Kaye Fox and offer support to women with breast cancer and their families by providing regular meetings, telephone support, social occasions and practical assistance. Mrs. Bev Walker said “new members are always welcome to join the group, which meets once per month.”

Mrs. Carter mentioned that East Grampians Health Service ‘Look Good… Feel Better’ program is coordinated through the Oncology Service, which recently received a donation of $1,000 from the Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group. Mrs. Walker said “We are very pleased to donate the funds to the ‘Look Good… Feel Better for the women of the Ararat and surrounding districts. The Ararat community raises this money and would like the money to stay in the area so that it can be used locally. This donation will be used to provide a light lunch to the participants of the Look Good… Feel Better Program in Ararat.

Mrs. Sarah Carter, East Grampians Health Service Breast Care Nurse thanked Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group for the donation and acknowledged their support that they provide to chemotherapy whilst being delivered to patients.

For more information please phone Bev on 5352 1604, Kaye Fox on 5352 1462 or Breast Care Nurse – Sarah Carter on 5352 9343.