A step-tastic win for Kitchen Staff

East Grampians Health Service staff walked more than 16 million steps during the EGHS Staff Step-a-thon – or more than three times across Australia from east to west and almost all the way around the coast!

In the process, staff became more aware of the amount of activity they were undertaking each day and enjoyed a healthy dose of competitive rivalry as well!

Across April EGHS had 80 staff compete, walking 16,929,556 steps, with Mario Santilli and Will Bell being the highest steppers for a single day.

Across the whole month Will Bell was also the highest stepper with a total of 514,301 steps.

In the team section first place went to the Kitchen with a total of 1,810,198 steps, second place to pre-admission with 1,612,513 steps and third place to Team Bossnet with 1,317,595 steps.

“The EGHS Staff Step-a-thon was a huge success, and we were so pleased with how many people participated in this health promotion initiative,” organiser Zosha Jarecki-Warke said.

“Many people commented and said how it was a great way to help make them more conscious of just how much activity they are doing, as well as the extra incentive to try and be more active throughout the day.

“Thank you again for participating in our health promotion initiative.”

Zosha said if staff would like to make their own virtual step challenge they can sign up and race against themselves or their friends at: https://www.10000steps.org.au


EGHS exercise physiologists Zosha Jarecki-Warke (left) and Sarah Wardle (right) step it out with EGHS kitchen staff Naveen Mettu and Will Bell, who along with kitchen team mates notched up the highest number of steps over the month of April.