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Palliative Care

The Palliative Care room has provided comfort and space for families during diffucult times this year. Staff have frequently received positive feedback about this facility, with families able to visit over extended periods and refreshment facilities in the room.

Central Grampians Palliative Care is a free community based palliative care service offering health care and emotional support to people and their carers living with a life-limiting illness. Our focus is to offer a service that will enhance a person’s dignity and independence.

Geographically, our service overrides three rural shire boundaries, these being the Rural City of Ararat, Northern Grampians Shire, and the Pyrenees Shire. The service is offered five days a week, excluding weekends and public holidays, between the hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The service also has access to a Regional Palliative Care Team and specialist palliative care physicians.

We offer emotional support for grief and loss issues, and referral for therapeutic counseling can be arranged if need be.

We loan equipment to enable easier home nursing care.


Patients can self refer or referrals may be made by anyone involved with the patients in association with the patient’s own doctor and with the patient’s permission.

Referrals are made to Central Grampians Palliative Care by contacting:

Phone: 5352 9328

Fax: 5352 9425