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Plaque acknowledges Breast Cancer Support Group

30th April 2017

The Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group has been acknowledged for its ongoing support by the East Grampians Health Service Oncology Department.

A plaque was unveiled in the department, acknowledging the group’s financial contribution towards the purchase of specialised chairs for patients to use while undergoing chemotherapy.

The money raised by the Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group comes from donations obtained from community groups in Ararat and the surrounding areas, including the Grease Monkeys, Seniors Club, TOWN Club, Ararat Ladies’ Bike Group, Deb’s Diner, Ys Menettes and the Ararat Woodies.

“Donations are occasionally passed on to the Breast Cancer Support Group, who ensure that the funds stay in Ararat,” EGHS breast care nurse Sarah Carter said.

“The Breast Cancer Support Group purchases specific items for the Oncology Department with the money donated, so that all cancer patients in our local area can receive the benefit.”

Attending the plaque unveiling were EGHS chief executive Nick Bush, oncologist Dr Craig Carden, oncology department staff and members of the Ararat Breast Cancer Support Group.

Mr Bush thanked the group for their ongoing support of the health service and in particular the oncology department.

“Their commitment to improving people’s lives is tremendous,” he said.

“Bev Walker, Kaye Fox and all members are very focused and driven to improve things and this is uplifting for all of us.”

Pictured above: Pictured at the unveiling of the plaque are L-R, Lorraine Keith, Kaye Fox, Robyn Vowels, Dr Craig Carden, Bev Walker, EGHS Chief Executive Nick Bush, Gwen Haddow and Lynne Wilson

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