• Integrity

    We value integrity, honesty and respect in all relationships.

  • Excellence

    We value excellence as the appropriate standard for all services and practices.

  • Community

    We respect the dignity and rights of our community and acknowledge their beliefs, regardless of their cultural, spiritual or socioeconomic background.

  • Working Together

    We value equally all people who make a contribution to EGHS to achieve shared goals.

    Working Together
  • Learning Culture

    We strive to continually learn and develop through education, training, mentoring and by teaching others.

    Learning Culture

Life Governors

The most prestigious recognition of commitment and dedication to EGHS is the award of Life Governor.

Mrs V Albert
Mr G Anderson
Mrs P Armstrong
Dr G Bertuch
Mrs J Burke
Mr P Carthew
Mr R Carthew
Mrs N Dalkin
Mr I Daly
Mr C de Fegely
Mrs R de Fegely OAM
Mrs P Ervin
Mr J Evans

Mr N Faneco
Mrs C Forster
Mr  G Foster
Mr I.R. Foster
Mr L.G. Gason
Mr D Haddow
Mrs S Handscombe
Mrs K Harvey
Mrs M Heard
Mrs W Heard
Mrs F Hull
Mrs J Jenkinson
Mr W Jones

Mrs L King
Mr G Laidlaw
Mrs J Liddle
Mr B McCutcheon
Mr G E Millear
Mrs J Millear
Mrs A R Milvain
Mrs M Murray
Mrs J Nunan
Mr A O’Neill
Mrs S Philip
Dr M Plunkett

Mrs D Radford
Mr D Reid
Mr R Roberts
Mrs S Shannon
Mr K P Shea
Mr N Tosch
Mrs V Tosch
Miss K Turner
Mr T Weeks APM OAM
Mr E M Wilson
Mrs M Young

Most Recent Life Governors

The awarding of a Life Governor to a community member recognises a significant service to East Grampians Health Service.

Our most recent Life Governors, Mrs Val Albert and Mrs Margaret Young join a distinguished group of dedicated people who have received the Award.

036 - Copy

Val Albert

Val Albert has been a valued volunteer at Willaura Healthcare since 1980.  Following the death of her son, Val and her husband became involved with numerous community groups to keep busy.  Val commenced as a volunteer driver for Meals On Wheels in Willaura and them took over collecting payments for Meals on Wheels.

During her time, Val has actively been involved with the residents at Willaura, taking them to appointments, providing morning tea and sitting and talking with the residents, in particular those that don’t have family close by.  Whilst Val may state that she hasn’t done much during her time volunteering at East Grampians Health Service, her visits are the highlight for the residents and they all look forward to her morning teas!  Having a familiar face visiting regularly makes an immeasurable difference to our residents. The time Val spends with the residents to get to know them is greatly appreciated by all and they enjoy having her company.  Val truly is a highly valued, loved and respected member of the East Grampians Health Service family and is an extremely worthy recipient of the Life Governor Award.

IMG_1677 (2)

Margaret Young

Margaret has been a valued volunteer at East Grampians Health Service for 40 years.  She commenced volunteering in 1974 initially in the kitchen cleaning silverware. From fundraising to spending time with residents, Margaret volunteers her time generously and it is appreciated by residents, family members and staff alike. As well as being part of an auxiliary which has helped raised $25,000 over the last 5 years, Margaret is instrumental in making the residents feel at home and every year organises, buys and wraps Christmas presents, Easter eggs and birthday cards by herself for the 45 residents in 70 Lowe Street. Margaret also assists the residents with any shopping they may require, especially those who don’t have family close by who can assist. The residents enjoy spending time with Margaret and appreciate the gifts she has organised for them.

As a member of the Aged Care Auxiliary, Margaret has made an immeasurable difference to enhancing the quality of life of the residents.  Margaret’s cheerful presence is appreciated by all who meet her and she is always willing to help in any way she can.  Margaret’s commitment over the last 40 years epitomizes the benefits of volunteering to all and she is a real inspiration to everyone who meets her.