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Willaura Harvest Cut Out – Know your community competition

1st February 2017

If you are attending the Willaura Harvest Cut Out on Friday February 3, East Grampians Health Service has a quirky quiz for you to complete – but you must attend on the night to collect the entry form with the quiz questions.

Clues to the ‘Your Health Service’ section of the quiz can be found below in the photographs of EGHS staff.

Head along to the Cut Out on Friday February 3 at the Willaura Recreation Reserve from 6pm, and pick up an entry form with all the quiz questions, then using your mobile device follow the link to the EGHS website where you will find the clues in the photographs. Representatives from the EGHS Community Health Centre will be present on the night to help you out.

Pictured above: Julie Lang, Diabetes educator

Pictured above:  Lauren Miller, Oral Health Therapist

Pictured above:  Leesa McInnes, District Nurse

Pictured above:  Lisa Haddow, Exercise Physiologist

Pictured above:  Lynne Barr, Physiotherapist

Pictured above:  Melissa O’Loughlan, Dietitian

Pictured above:  Sam Higgins-O’Hara, Social Work

Pictured above:  Deborah O’Brien, Occupational Therapist

Pictured above:  Eman Alsulami, Podiatrist

Pictured above: Felicity Heron, Speech Pathologist


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