• Integrity

    We value integrity, honesty and respect in all relationships.

  • Excellence

    We value excellence as the appropriate standard for all services and practices.

  • Community

    We respect the dignity and rights of our community and acknowledge their beliefs, regardless of their cultural, spiritual or socioeconomic background.

  • Working Together

    We value equally all people who make a contribution to EGHS to achieve shared goals.

    Working Together
  • Learning Culture

    We strive to continually learn and develop through education, training, mentoring and by teaching others.

    Learning Culture

Student Orientation Prerequisites

Welcome to East Grampians Health Service.

We strive to deliver the best healthcare possible, and one of our many objectives to achieve this, is to support a learning culture.

The principal goal of any placement is to provide you with relevant ‘real-life’ professional experience to help further develop your clinical skills and transfer theory into practice. So in order to gain the most out of your time here at EGHS, we ask that you complete the following tasks before your orientation day.

Please ensure that on your first day of placement, you bring a current Police Check, a working with children check (if applicable), and signed copies of the Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Agreement and Declaration forms to submit to your facilitator / preceptor. Failure to comply may see your placement being suspended or possibly cancelled.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Please print this form, read and sign and bring with you on your first day.


Department of Health and Human Services Social Media Policy


Infection Control

Please view the slideshow and complete the Hand Hygiene Australia quiz

Infection Prevention and Control Induction Program

Quiz – you will need to register with Hand Hygiene Australia to take this quiz

You need to take the Five Moments of Hand Hygiene quiz


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Presentation Students


Manual Handling

Manual Handling  – Undergraduate Students

Manual Handling Quiz


Student Orientation Manual

Undergraduate Student Orientation Manual 2018

Student Declaration – 38.04.03


Child Safety Standards

Code of Conduct – Child Safety – 75.00.04